Fox Shock Service/Dealer/Tech Center

Service: All Parts & Oil is Extra Price:
Full service and rebuild, high pressure gas shocks Each. *Parts - oil extra $110.00
Remote reservoir type shocks ( most types) (Each) *Parts - oil extra $145.00
Float / Float 2 (Each) *Parts - oil extra $120.00
Float Evol R (Each) *Parts - oil extra $130.00
Float X Evol (Each) *Parts - oil extra $145.00
Any re-valve with rebuild / each *Parts extra $22.50
Basic service / oil change no parts replacement (Each) $80.00
Repair damage Estimate required before work completed Call-In
Additional cleaning charge if shock is not clean - each $85.00

Whether you're speeding down the road, climbing the highest mountain, racing on the track, or just cruising the trail, keeping your shocks serviced is a crucial part of keeping up on your investment. When shocks start to wear, the oil can break down, the seals can start leaking, and moisture can begin to get inside. When any of these things happen, you and your snowmobile can begin to start taking a real beating. Most commonly, it happens over time and the rider doesn't even really notice the dramatic change in riding performance and comfortability. That's why we strive to not only help design and offer the best suspension products in the world but to really invest our time in keeping customers' shocks in top performing order. Being a Fox Racing Shox service center and having over 25 years experience with OEM shocks have led us to cutting edge technology, knowledge, and customer service that is second to no one. So, if you haven't had your shocks serviced yearly, send them to us and let us show you what exactly you have been missing. Whether you need your shock re-valved, serviced, or need damage repaired, you can trust us to help give you the ride you've been missing out on.

We only use high-quality material shims, high viscosity, extreme performance oils, and highly trained personnel at Tom's Snowmobile & Service. You can count on us for ACCURATE and TIMELY servicing of your shocks, too. With dedicated shock personnel, we can have you "back and going" in no time at all. Please feel free to call us with any questions you may have.

Please click on the link below for our shock service request form. Fill out the form and put it in the box with the shocks you want to be serviced. We will contact you upon receiving the shocks to confirm the nature of the work being done.

Shock Services

Click here to download the shock service request form.

Send Shocks via:

U.S. Mail
P.O. Box42
Sierraville, CA 96126

630 South Lincoln St

Sierraville, CA. 96126

Want to sell the best performing snowmobile shocks in the market? Ever heard the saying, "A product is only as good as the company that stands behind it"? As a Fox Racing Shox® distributor for over 25 years, we work directly with Fox Racing Shox® to help in the design and testing of some their latest products before they ever go into production. So, when you set up as a dealer with Tom's Snowmobile & Service, you can trust that you are working with one of the most knowledgeable distributors in the U.S. We carry a large inventory ready to ship and are also an authorized Fox Racing Shox® service center. We won't only sell you the shocks, but we can custom build and valve the shocks for any type of rider and condition. If you are interested, download the dealer application in .PDF format below or call in to have one faxed to you. Upon approval of your application, we can fax or email your price list and you will be ready to order. We offer a great product at great dealer pricing with bigger order and bigger discount programs, as well as great pre-season order programs. Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have.

Call in information at 530-994-3522.


Click here for the dealer application.

Fox Racing Shox Technical Data Center

Check back often to find new information and helpful hints to help you with your Fox racing Airshox tips and tuning.

Download Baseline Settings Chart- recommended settings for ALL Airshox including Evolution Air Rear Suspension. Also, includes basic tuning tips for the Fox Airshox.

Download Evolution Air Installation Instructions - A detailed installation guide with pictures for the Evolution Air rear suspension for the 2008/2009 Summit models.

Airshock Owners Manuals -

Fox Float X EVOL / Float R EVOL

Fox Float / Float 2